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About us

Successful cooperation – both within the interpreting team and between interpreters and their clients – is built on trust. It is impossible to do so without establishing a personal relationship. This is why we would like to let you know who we are. Vital Translations is:

Maciej Witalewski

Tłumacz symultaniczny Poznań
Maciej Witalewski
Interpreter & translator
Maciej Witalewski
Interpreter & translator

I am an accredited conference interpreter for the European Union’s institutions and I have a postgraduate degree in Conference Interpreting from the School of Translation, Interpreting and Languages in Poznań, Poland. Beside interpretation for administration, universities, and enterprises, I am an experienced translator in a variety of fields, such as academic papers and popular science books – which is how I began my professional career. I also have a Master’s degree in Arabic and Ethnolinguistics.

Anna Witalewska

Tłumacz konferencyjny Poznań
Anna Witalewska
Interpreter & translator
Anna Witalewska
Interpreter & translator

I can still remember the first text I translated for money – a leaflet on innovative fire detection systems. I was 17 at the time. Since then, I have accumulated a wealth of experience. Though I hold an MA in Sociology, in my interpreting and translation work I deal with areas of interest ranging from esthetic surgery to the history of Socialist Poland.
I am a Goldsmiths College (University of London) alumna and I also completed a postgraduate course in Conference Interpreting at the School of Translation, Interpreting and Languages in Poznań, Poland.

Did you know…

The human brain is capable of maintaining total focus for approximately 30 minutes at a time. This is why simultaneous interpreters work in pairs or teams at all events longer than that. While one of them is actively interpreting what is said, the other remains alert, ready to assist their colleague or to take over seamlessly at any time.

The history of technology-assisted simultaneous interpretation dates back to the Nuremberg Trials of the 1940s. Interpreters’ consoles were fitted with a button signaling that the speaker should slow down – this is because the optimum speaking pace is between 100 and 120 words per minute.

Consecutive interpreters use a specialist note-taking technique that enables them to recreate speeches as long as 10 minutes. This is not, however, used very often nowadays, giving way to so-called liaison interpreting, where the speaker and interpreter take turns saying 2–3 sentences at a time.

What we do

Interpreting: simultaneous and consecutive

Though “conference interpreting” may sound exotic, it is actually very common. We work at large international congresses, academic conferences and industry conventions, as well as all kinds of presentations, seminars and lectures; press conferences and interviews; business meetings and negotiations – and many other types of events. You can find us in interpreters’ booths, in meeting rooms, on stage, or rushing along a production line – any place with two or more people in need of a common language.

How we work



Different events call for different solutions. Depending on the type, size, location, duration, audience, or even tone of your event, we can recommend the best mode of interpretation, number of interpreters, equipment required, and more. We have worked on a number of events, so we simply know what works.

Right people

for the job

Many interpretation assignments require a team comprising a number of interpreters and language combinations. Most of the time, we provide our services personally, but if that is not enough, we know how to pick the best professionals to deliver exactly what you need.


and delivery

Experience and expertise notwithstanding, every job involves meticulous preparation. For the duration of assignment, the interpreter needs to become an expert in the field. This is where the client can help, by providing the interpreters with all the documents and information available. Confidentiality is always respected, but there should be none between the client and the interpreter – surprise your audience, not your interpreters.


“You can contact us at any stage of planning the event, but the earlier we step in, the better the chance for success.”


We offer an all-round language service, including not only interpreting, but also translation. Our areas of interest include medicine and health care, new technologies, research and academic writing, and advertising – to name just a few.

Medicine and health care

Technology and localization

Academic writing and literature

Audiovisual content

Let the facts speak for themselves

Postgraduate degree in Conference Interpreting from Poland’s most renowned interpreting school

EU accreditation

10 years on the market


Some things
you’re born with…

Interpreting is not just about speaking two or more languages fluently. Good focus, quick reflexes, perfect stress management, great public speaking skills, the ability to think on your feet and keep your cool no matter what the circumstances – these are just a few of the prerequisites for the job. Interpreters need to be versatile and have the stamina to withstand all kinds of pressure. Not just that, either – often it is their people skills and diplomacy that may save the day.


… and some you have to learn

Needless to say, though, language skills have to be mastered and constantly improved. The same goes for a vast array of knowledge (interpreting is done in real time, so there is no margin for fact checking). Other crucial factors include good memory (practice makes perfect), continuing training, and a handful of tricks of the trade.
For translation, technology and software can be of use, but your own brain is still your most reliable tool.



The cost is quoted based on a daily rate, which comprises up to 8 hours of one interpreter’s time. The exact rate depends on the type of event, dates and mode of interpretation, among other factors. Additional costs may include equipment rental, travel costs etc.
To receive a detailed quote, please contact us.


The cost of translation is calculated per 250 words, and the exact rate depends on the content to be translated, format, expected delivery date etc.
To receive a detailed quote, please contact us.

Praise for Vital Translations

We live in a world ruled by ratings. Our reputation depends on reviews – so let us hear from some of our satisfied clients:

Deputy Head of the Adam Mickiewicz University Institute of History
professor Przemysław Matusik

„Anna Witalewska of Vital Translations provides an exceptionally professional, reliable and timely service, with consistently high quality”

Institute of European Culture, Adam Mickiewicz University
professor Waldemar Szczerbiński

„I wholeheartedly recommend using the interpreting services of Vital Translations”

Vision Polska Sp. z o.o.
Mariusz Konik, Technology and Expert Practices Manager

„Vital Translations stand for sound investment”

Our professional record includes projects for

Apple   Microsoft   Google   Amazon   Nivea Poland   Kompania Piwowarska (a SABMiller company)   SAP Poland   Poznań City Hall   Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań   Poznań University of Economics   Zielona Góra University   Habitat for Humanity Poland   Open Cages Poland